After undergraduate education, students can continue their studies with a Master’s degree or start a Doctoral degree directly.

Successful students may be eligible for support during their Master’s and Doctoral studies. Scholarships are available from research centers who have set aside funds to support international students and from universities in the form of assistant-ships. Scholarships and graduate assistant-ships usually covers full tuition and living costs. To receive a full scholarship, your GPA usually needs to be above 3.00 but this might vary depending on the institution.

Universities have strict policies on application deadlines which vary depending on the program. You can easily find the application deadlines on the university’s website. Many students lose a semester because they do not pay enough attention to this detail. Based on the time needed to prepare the application, it is advisable for student applicants to start organizing their application materials at least 1 year in advance.

While there are common elements to most applications, some programs might have some special requirements that are different from the others. It is advised that you visit the website of the program to which you wish to apply in order to determine specific requirements. Be sure to look on the Graduate School Admissions pages and look for specific requirements for International Student Applications.