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Cambridge Consulting Group is providing Spacecraft Design Summer Camp.In order for students to have a positive experience at the camps, they must be able to read and speak basic English, they do not need to know how to write. Spacecraft Summer Camp is open to international students.


Explore engineering and science!

Subjects covered:

  • Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Presentation and Team Collaboration Skills
  • Introduction to Spacecraft Science
  • Move It!
  • Spacecraft Races
  • History of Space Crafts
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Launch It!
  • Altitude Tracker
  • Film Canister Spacecraft
  • Baloon Stagging
  • Nose Cone Experts
  • Parachute Designs
  • Pop Hero Cans
  • Foam Rocket
  • Rocket Wind Tunnel
  • Advanced High-Power Paper Rockets
  • Water Rocket Launcher Directions
  • Water Rocket Construction

Learn while having fun!

Learning activities include:

  • Hands-on inventory lab
  • Team work exercises
  • Goal setting
  • Design
  • Build
  • Program
  • Test
  • Play