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As Cambridge Consulting Group, we do partnership with summer computer camps. One of the best organization in this field in the United States is iD TECH CAMPS. While iD TECH does not provide transportation, travel arrangements, insurance for the students Cambridge Consulting Group take care of all the logistics and transportation.


iD Tech Camps is a summer computer camp, based in Campbell, California, that specializes in providing computer technology education to children ages 7 through 18. iD Tech Camps are held at more than 180 U.S. college and university campuses and have expanded into international locations as well.

Camp courses and online education

iD Tech Camps offers courses in video game design, programming, app development, game modeling, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic arts, web design, digital video editing, digital photography, film production, and AI / Machine Learning. Younger children may take courses in Adobe Photoshop and Multimedia Fusion, while older children may take courses in app design, such as Unreal Development Kit and programming languages, such as Java, C++, and Scratch.

General information on iD Tech Camps:

Residential overnight program – in order for a student to participate in the residential program, they must turn 10 by December 2018 at most of our locations. During the weekend the students will be able to explore the city the locations they are staying at.

In order for students to have a positive experience at the camps, they must be able to read and speak basic English, they do not need to know how to write. The students will be immersed fully in an English speaking environment and will practice English but no formal English classes only technology classes. All the programs are open to international students. If your students English is at the beginner level, we can make exceptions. Your students would still experience a full English immersion program since all the camps are in English. The one difference is that if their English is less than intermediate the students in your group would be the only ones in their class. At breaks, meals, and evening activities your students would be integrated fully with the other students.

Some helpful links about the camps:

What is the difference between iD Tech Camps and iD Tech Academies?

  • iD Tech Camps(ages 7-17) is a minimum of a one-week balanced camp experience, where students spend an average of five hours in the labs each day, but we also make time for outdoor activities, campus exploration, and gaming competitions. Students can attend multiple weeks and take the same course or explore different courses each week.  We offer the weekend say to connect weeks.  Please note that in order for a student to participate in the residence/overnight program will need to turn 10 by the end of 2018.
  • iD Tech Academies(ages 13-18) offer intensive and relevant technology curriculum taught by elite faculty. These programs include college-level curriculum, portfolio-building workshops, an immersive university experience, and industry insights.  One session is a minimum of two weeks.  Students have the option of attending more than one session.
  • iD Tech Program courses that are for students ages 7-18.  The students would have the option to take different courses each week or take multiple weeks in the same course if attending more than a week.
  • iD Coding and Engineering Program Academy or iD Game Design & Development Academy (Teen only) – The Academies are our premium minimum 2-week program per course.